Born in Plasencia (Extremadura, Spain).
Currently living in
Barcelona, Julian is known for its multidisciplinary character: skateboarder
painter, Illustrator and graphic designer.
His work is characterized by the representation of nature with a very personal representation system.
In this moment in which society is moving away from the natural environment, message is again approaching humans to what they are, part of nature. Therefore, returns to urban spaces images of animals, which formerly populated these spaces. To be able to become aware of the impact that we have created and the importance of adapting our ways of
consume, to live in harmony with nature. Rediscover ourselves. Connect with who we really are.
He is working on freelance projects, painting walls and
he is currently art director of IMAGINE SKATEBOARDS, and
creative Director of DOCTOWN skateboard school.
2011 collective “SKATEARTE” Maxo gallery. (Barcelona)
2012 Individual “Synergies” Ikara gallery. (Barcelona)
2012 Individual “Synergies” Apetit galleri. (Bilbao)
2014 collective “Aura Division” ALL Bilbao Gallery. (Bilbao)
2015 individual “The Current Gallery” with lamono magazine (Barcelona)
2016. “NEPTUNE” (surfboard painting)-collective Sant Jordi (Barcelona)
2017 collective “IMMERSION” Darwin (Bourdeaux).